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What was Jesus Like? Part 2

What Was Jesus Like?

As already stated in the first part, we have heard, “WWJD: What Would Jesus Do?” But what was He like? What can we gather about Jesus’ actions and words to imagine what He was like as a person? That means feelings, personality, likes and dislikes, joys and sorrows. WWJL! What was Jesus Like?

The more we piece Jesus together with our thoughts, imaginations, spiritual encounters, the Magisterium (the teaching authority of the Church), Sacred Scripture, meditation, historical accounts, pastoral letters and teachings, the Doctors of the Church, and so on, the more we discover that…

Jesus of Nazareth Disliked Many Things

Jesus would have abhorred all sin. Not that He would throw us sinners out a window. On the contrary, He is the one who would help us who are dangling from a window and would bring us safely inside. But I wonder if He ever cringed when He saw or heard of sin. Did His fists tighten? Did His eyes water? Did His eyebrows furrow? Did He gulp? Or was there a slight pull at His heart? A pull that was sharper than any crown of thorns could be? Did the fire of His heart truly burn with love?

Perhaps when preaching among the villages in Palestine, Jesus always had the weight of the coming cross in the back of His mind. Though He liked being with people, there were times when He would rather be alone. He would have to withdraw to a hidden place. There, He went through a lot of fasting and prayer. Though He liked withdrawing to a hidden place, He still wanted the people to come to Him. I can imagine that being with the people was exhausting, though joy-filled. Were circles under His eyes ever visible? Did He get sunburnt in the desert terrain? Were His hands constantly sweaty or ever cold from the rainy season?

Jesus, quite obviously did not like demons as He scared them all away. He loved people. It hurt Him when He was rejected, like at the Bread of Life Discourse in Chapter 6 of John. But He was filled with such joy to those who accepted Him, like the fishermen leaving their boat and their father to come after Him. He disliked irreverence, especially in the Temple. He did not like pain, but He was ready for death, though the means of it would be torturous.

Yes, Jesus disliked sin. And He disliked the master of sin and all its demons. But, in all of His dislike, He is passionately and eternally in love with you.

Go ahead!

Ask the questions. Meditate. Contemplate. Enjoy. Talk to Jesus one-on-one. Did those hours on the cross feel more like three days than three hours? Did He miss His childhood in Nazareth? Was His Mother’s presence His greatest strength? Did He have to squint His eyes as the sun reflected off of the soldiers’ metal helmets? Was He crying up on the cross? Was He fearful of all the people who were choosing Hell? Was He so determined to save souls from Hell, that He would go through any pain just for their sake and conversion?

Is Jesus pleased when I come to the foot of the cross? Is there any way a small soul can relieve­—at least the slightest bit—the pain of crucifixion? Could His vision even go past the thorns, sweat and blood?

The list of questions goes on and on. Think about the many things Jesus disliked, but recall that this dislike became glorious life. We are all invited to share in it. In eternity with God, there will no longer be “dislike” or “like.” We will see Jesus in all of His glory. We will all be in perfect adoration of the mysterious Trinitarian God who is love, beyond all telling. Until then, I wonder what He was like; what He is like, for He is the Alpha and the Omega.

Interested in further meditation of what Jesus was like? Read the novel, Through Esther's Eyes.

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